Aluminium Industries products

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The aluminium products and manufacturing services of Aluminium Industries vary by brand.  Beyond the development and support of really, really great products, we deliver ideas towards innovative manufacturing. Ai is denying old-fashioned standards of manufacturing in Australia and giving our customers more.

Ai delivers a total solution for clients, with particular emphasis on what we call “peak service”.  Peak service refers to our ability to support customers with fabrication and finishing resources when a customer experiences a peak in demand or if they don’t have the existing manpower to meet a tight timeline.

Our established machining and manufacturing infrastructure delivers results. With Ai’s peak service, customers don’t have to say “no” to a project for reasons of capacity. We provide items customers either cannot produce themselves or we can provide for them at a real cost benefit over their gearing up for production. Peak service is one example of how Ai adds value for our customers.

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