Ai information management

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We spent the past four years developing systems and now we’re bringing them all together to offer Ai people, Ai customers, and Ai suppliers a working environment that yields tangible benefits. AiWorld will query all the Ai platforms (including our ERP and CRM) and present needed information through widgets displayed intuitive, user-specific dashboards.

Elements included in aiWorld:

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  • aiPS
  • Console
  • EdgePoint
  • PivotPoint
  • PivotPoint Pro
  • our custom CRM
  • our custom Intranet
  • our custom collaboration platform

It will serve as a single point resource for R&D, marketing, sales, customer service, manufacturing, HR, IT, distribution, operations, management, ISO, OH&S, communication tools, collaboration tools, application tools, security, project management, and documentation tools.

The WIP console automates and makes transparent the manufacturing process, addressing all aspects of logistics and supply chain. SAM is a sophisticated collaboration system to improve our customer focus and the quality of our interactions. EdgePoint, PivotPoint and PivotPoint Pro offer an efficient, easy to use online catalogue and ordering experience.

We don’t want the best solutions in our industry; we want the best solutions full stop.

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image of EdgePoint Aluminium Industries online puts the fabricator in control, saving them time and making their lives easier. From quote to order to staging deliveries to tracking, EdgePoint is customers’ single point of reference for information and purchasing process management.

No waiting, no calling to track down a delivery, no muss, no fuss. EdgePoint delivers the information fabricators need to get things done in less time with less stress.

EdgePoint serves as EDGE Architectural’s online catalogue, showcasing the extensive architectural and industrial extrusion range.

Registered users have access to images, product specifications, and downloadable technical drawings. Fabricators can search and drill down to specific suites and hone in on the technical information they need for their specific project.

EdgePoint, it’s just easier.

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logo for Aluminium Industries PivotPoint online cataloguePivotech customers work very hard, for very long hours each day. They look for ways to save time, decrease stress and stay organised., Pivotech’s online ordering system, ticks all the boxes.

Simple to use, even for non-computer people, PivotPoint helps our customers improve their business efficiency by streamlining ordering of Pivotech lineals and shower screen kits.

PivotPoint is the fastest and most efficient path from order to delivery. The stock picking ticket for an order goes directly to our warehouse team to be picked, wrapped and dispatched. And it can be tracked every step of the way.

No guessing, no wondering, PivotPoint maintains a clear tracking and information management process. Unnecessary paperwork is eliminated.

Smooth out your day with PivotPoint.

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PivotPoint Pro offers a simple interface to translate complicated calculations.

PivotPoint Pro simplifies the engineering and ordering of a custom shower screen. Intuitive and user friendly, it eliminates the need for users to learn a difficult CAD-like program.

With the spin of a dial, fabricators select the range, the return, the finish and more, and PivotPoint Pro simultaneously builds a preview of the enclosure.

The system walks users through entry of measurements to ensure a precise fit from every angle. An installer can be on site, taking measurements and enter the details on a tablet device. The shower can be designed and the order placed before the installer leaves the customer.

PivotPoint Pro revolutionises custom shower screen ordering.

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Aluminium Industries software development SAM logoCustomers judge us on what we do, not what we say we do. Ai’s Sales and Activity Manager (SAM) ensures we do what adds value for our customer. We never want to waste their time.

Built by the Ai information management team, with feedback from everyone at Ai, SAM gives our people an information and account management tool that helps them take care of Ai customers and deliver fantastic results. The quality of the information collected enables our people to be more focused on creating valuable interaction.

SAM aggregates information from Ai’s ERP, keeping everyone up to date and across all aspects of the business. It allows us to stay on top of all the projects flowing through Ai, keep the team aware and maintain on time delivery. SAM helps us maintain order, sanity, quality and excellence.

To improve and innovate at the rate we want, SAM is a crucial resource in our digital tool kit.

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Aluminium Industries WIP software development logoAi’s ‘Work in Progress’ (WIP) console is where it all comes together. It is the ultimate reference point for the PivotPoint and EdgePoint portals to view the status of orders.

From the moment a customer clicks “order”, the progress of their order is tracked. The result is a visible timeline of Ai processes.

WIP streamlines job manufacturing and scheduling, and includes features for stock management, finishing and assembly of products, and delivery dates.

Know now with WIP.